10 Best Schools in Hyderabad

Top 10 Best schools in Hyderabad

best schools in hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad has more than 400 years history. Hyderabad has many great schools before independence. Today there are plenty of school in Hyderabad. Below is the list of some best schools in Hyderabad.

1. Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar

Description –Set in a sprawling location in Aziznagar, the Sreenidhi International School is geared to provide students with a little more than just literacy. It aims at providing a holistic education to the child. Designed primarily as a residential school, the school offers three unique boarding options for students and parents to choose from. These include the Day boarder option wherein the student spends the whole day in school and leaves in the evening after completing homework and extra-curricular activity; the five day boarder where the child leaves for school on Monday morning and stays there the whole week, returning home only on Friday evening; and the full boarders which follows the regular boarding school norms. This is one of the best schools in Hyderabad.

Sreenidhi International School Address and Location: Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar, Moinabad, Hyderabad – 500 075

City Office: 601/A, Road No 33, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500033, India.

Contact Numbers: 040-23351022 / 09912238111 / 09912266685 / 09912244409

Pricing or fees:
The school charges a one time admission fee of 50,000. For the ICSE and ISC boards, the annual school fees range from 1,05,000 (pre-primary) to 5,17,400 (Grade XI to XII full-boarders);
-The IGCSE board the annual school fees range from 2, 77, 400 (Grade VII) to 5, 67, 400 (Grade VII to X full boarders);
-The IB Diploma program availed by Grade XI students charges an annual fee 
– 3,92,000 for day boarders, 5,92,100 for five day boarders, and 6, 71, 60 for full boarders

Specialty: The Sreenidhi International School enrolls students in the following courses:
– IB-PYP (Primary Years Program)
– IB-DP (Diploma Program)
– ICSE (Grade 6-10), ISC (Grade 11-12)
– IGCSE (CIE, UK) (Grade 6 – 10)

Other Details :The school organizes several extra-curricular events that inspire the spirit of participation and healthy competition. Also the school houses a beautiful amphitheatre and a center facilitating exhibitions of visual arts and workshops. It also provides sufficient space for indoor and outdoor sports.

2. Slate – The School, Abids

Description: Slate-The School provides a unique learning experience that endeavors to engage and excite the young learners. Its uniquely designed curriculum that is real as well as futuristic aims to bring about the complete transformation of the individual.

Addresses and Locations:
– Abids (Pre-Primary)SaiSadanBuilding, Opp. to Kanchanjunga Complex, Tajmahal Hotel lane, King Kothi,
– Abids (High School)5-9-186, Adjacent to SBH, Abids, Hyderabad – 500001
– Ameerpet (Pre-Primary)H.no: 7-1-395/29A/ B/C D, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
– Ameerpet (High School)H.no: 7-1-395/29A/ B/C, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
– Ameerpet (Primary)7-1-77/1,Dharam Karan Road,Behind Satyam Theatre, Ameerpet,Hyderabad.
– Karmanghat (Pre-Primary)Plot No. 142 &143, R.N. Reddy Nagar, Kharmanghat, Saroor Nagar Mandal,
– Karmanghat (High School)Plot No. 142, 143, R.N. Reddy Nagar, Kharmanghat, Saroor Nagar Mandal,Ranga Reddy Dist.
– Karmanghat (Primary)8-5-255/66, Defence colony, Near sagar ring road, Karmanghat,Hyderabad.

Contact Numbers:
– Abids Pre-Primary – 040-23447571,040- 24761753
– Abids Primary – 040-66258420,040-23440741, 09177444160
– Abids High School – 040-66258420, 040-23440743, 09177444173
– Ameerpet (Pre-Primary) – 040-23801139, 040-64598520
– Ameerpet (Primary) – 040-66468420, 040-23737006
– Ameerpet (High School) – 040-23801139, 040-64598520
– Karmanghat (Pre-Primary) – 09177404310, 09494097275
– Karmanghat (Primary School) – 040-24093188, 09177444179
– Karmanghat (High School) – 09177404310, 09494097275

Specialty: The school follows a unique blended approach for its curriculum.
– In the Pre-Primary School it follows a blend of Montessori Curriculum and Play Way /Activity Oriented Teaching.
– In the Primary School it follows a blend of SSC, CBSE and ICSE syllabi.
– In the High School it follows a blend of SSC, ICSE and CBSE syllabi, with some relevant subjects from IAS.

Date of Establishment: 2001

Other Details: Slate the School has acquired tremendous popularity in the city. It had previously opened three branches in Abids, Ameerpet and Karmanghat. Recently in 2012, it has opened up another branch in Hayathngar. The branches though share the same mission policies however operate as separate school entities.

3. NASR Group of Institutions

Description: The Nasr Group of Institutions has a rich heritage in imparting quality education to all its students. It encompasses within its folds the Nasr pre-primary school, the NasrSchool for Boys and the NasrSchool for girls. At each of these schools, the focus is on preparing students for the contemporary society and at the same time helping them remain deeply rooted to their traditions and culture. It provides personal attention to all the needs of the students helping them grow as complete individuals.

Address and Location:
Nasr School
KHUSHNUMA, 6-2-905, Khairtabad, Hyderabad – 500004,

Contact Numbers: 040-23307555

Specialty: The school follows the ICSE and ISC prescribed curriculum.

Date of Establishment: 1965

Other Details: Nasr believes in providing an all-round development of its students. It also understands the importance of organized interest groups in helping one pursue his or her area of interest better. The school therefore formed the Nasr Dramatic Society in 1980 which was followed by the Red Cross and Nature Club. Recently, the school has also formed the Movie Appreciation Club and the Literacy club. Each of these clubs enables students to realize their individual niches and helps them hone these skills further.

4. Delhi Public School Hyderabad

  Description: The Delhi Public School, Hyderabad offers students with a diverse and engaging learning environment. It utilizes experienced teachers, state-of-the art teaching aids to foster the overall growth of every individual student. Its well-ventilated classrooms, well-equipped computer rooms and excellent library are all geared towards that end.

Address and Location: The DelhiPublic School, Hyderabad is located at the Khajaguda village. Its campus is only at a distance of 6 kms from the main city. It is also very close to the city’s business districts. The school address is as follows: Survey No 74, KhajagudaVillage, Golkonda Post, Hyderabad 500008

Contact Numbers: 040-20046204, 20046205, 32506005, 32506006

Specialty: The school offers the CBSE curriculum.

Date of Establishment: 2003

Other Details: The school provides play grounds, swimming pool and indoor game facilities. It also provides yoga and meditation facilities.

5. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Vidyashram Hyderabad

Description: The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School believes in placing culture and tradition at the foremost position in every child’s education. It believes that no individual can progress towards the future without a deep awareness of ones’ roots. The school fosters this awareness in its philosophy and mission statement and helps students to imbibe these concepts in order to embrace holistic growth.

Address and Location: Road No.71, MLA Colony, Film Nagar, Hyderabad – 5000 33

Contact Numbers: 040-23544934

Specialty: The school follows the curriculum prescribed under the CBSE board of studies.

Date of Establishment: 1979

Other Details: The school arranges for annual excursions for both pleasure as well as educational purposes. The excursion spots maybe local as well as outstation.

6. Radcliffe School, Hyderabad

Description:   The Radcliffe School located in Balanagar is a co-educational English medium school affiliated to the CBSE curriculum.  It is focused towards providing children with a comfortable and affordable education. It strongly believes in a parent-teacher partnership in helping the child develop the correct ethics and values and thus emerge as a matured, independent and responsible individual.

Address and Location: Radcliffe School, 6 – 30,31,32, Opp. IDPL R&D Centre, Balanagar, Hyderabad -500037

Contact Numbers: 09346008804, 09393909991, 09346008802, 040-23774987

Specialty: Radcliffe School follows the curriculum pertaining to the CBSE board of studies.

Other Details: Radcliffe offers its students a host of extra-curricular activities. The school offers dance, music, art and craft classes. Children are also exposed to ample opportunities of games and sports to help them nurture their leadership and team spirits.

7.Mount Carmel Global School, Hyderabad

Description:   The Mount CarmelGlobalSchool located in Badanpet is an English medium co-educational school affiliated to the CBSE stream. Experienced and caring teachers, well-lit classrooms all help to facilitate the nurturing of creativity in each of their students.

Survey # 138, Badanpet, Near Balapur Cross Roads, Kanchanbagh, Saroor Nagar mandal, RR Dist – 58

Contact Numbers: 040-3252 3253, 08415-244053, 09959311233

Specialty: The school offers curriculum pertaining to the CBSE standards.

Date of Establishment: 2008

Other Details: The school offers huge playgrounds, well-equipped laboratories and well-stocked libraries to help in the overall growth of students.

8. Name: Springdale Academy de International, Hyderabad

  Description: The SpringdaleAcademy de International school located in Dilsukhnagar offers primary as well as secondary education. It offers students with experienced and erudite teachers, a comprehensive course curriculum and modern teaching aids which helps in delivering effective instructions.

Address and Location: The Springdale Academy De International is located in the Dilsukhnagar locality.
34, Tirumala Hills, Dilshuk Nagar, Hyderabad – 500034

Contact Numbers: 040-64555866, 040-24151966, 09966098273

Specialty: The school offers curriculum pertaining to the CBSE standards.

Date of Establishment: 2007

Other Details: In addition to regular academics the school also offers Karate, Skating, Dance, Music, Yoga, Meditation, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Sports and more. In addition to these, the school has also embedded the Young English Learner’s program into its syllabus. This will ensure that students are exposed to an effective use of the English Language in a contemporary environment.

9. Glendale School, Hyderabad
Description: The GlendaleSchool, Hyderabad facilitates the inculcation of values to foster the growth of independent thinking matured individuals. It attempts to interpret the relevance of human values in the growth of individuals. It also translates this relevance in the contemporary context thereby helping the new generation to understand and cherish these values.

Address and Location: Beside Sun City, Artillery Centre Gate,Hyderabad

Postal Address: Don Bosco post, Bandlaguda jagir, Rajender nagar, Hyderabad – 86

Contact Numbers: 040-6461-1937, 040-6552-3980

Pricing or fees: The Tuition Fees payable on a term wise basis ranges from 23500 : 35000.

Specialty: The school offers curriculum pertaining to the CBSE standards.

Date of Establishment: 2003

Other Details: The school uses several innovative learning activities to facilitate faster learning thereby enabling to instill the sense of confidence in the learners. They also have several extra-curricular activities like music, craft, games and sports to foster the overall growth of students.

10. Sentia Global School

Description: The SentiaGlobalSchool is built with a mission to foster the growth of excellence among students. It aims to impart quality education to help students inculcate integrity, values, loyalty and spirit of service. Its sprawling campus and excellent infrastructure aids it in this endeavor.

Address and Location: Beside B.K. Enclave, Road No.2, Near Miyapur Bus Depot, Hyderabad-500 049

Contact Numbers: 09985288821, 09985388821

Specialty: The school offers the CBSE curriculum.

Other Details: The school has entered into strategic academic partnerships with several organizations namely iDISCOVERi, Brain café and Edusports. Each of these has helped the school in organizing valuable learning programs which interest and engage students thoroughly.

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