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15 Telangana Tourist Places you should not miss in Hyderabad to Warangal Route| Telangana Tourism

Distance from Hyderabad to Warangal is 145 Kms and it’s a 3 hours journey by your own vehicle.

One can plan a 2 day trip from Hyderabad to Warangal to cover the below important tourist spots of Telangana Tourism. The below Telangana Tourist Spots are displayed in a particular order which is based on the tourist spot distance from Hyderabad.

1.Bhongir Fort a 10th Century fort built on a single rock hill

Bhongir Fort is at a distance of 47 Kms from Hyderabad and close to 1hour drive. It is a 10th century fort built on single rock hill. Tourists come here as part of hiking. This is one of the famous hiking spots of Telangana State. Climb this hill and experience this 1000 years old Telangana fort. READ MORE

Bhongir Fort - Telangana Tourism
Bhongir Fort – Image Source:
View from Bhongir Fort
View from Bhongir Fort – Image Source:

2. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple of Yagadirgi Gutta

This is one of the powerful temples of Telangana. Its is located at a distance of 62 Kms from Hyderabad and 15 Kms from Bhongir Fort.The history of this great Temple of Telangana is dated back to Tretayuga.
Don’t forget to stop at Raigiri Lake to enjoy the cool breeze and pleasant ambiance.

Yadagirigutta Sri Lakshimi Narasimha Swamy Temple
Yadagirigutta Sri Lakshimi Narasimha Swamy Temple
Image Source:

3. Konalupaka Jain Temple

Konalapaka Jain Temple also called Kulpakji is known for the 2000 years old Jain Temple of Telangana. This Temple is an architectural marvel for its unique beauty engraved in each pillar and Tirthankara idols. Konalupaka is located at a distance of 78 Kms from Hyderabad and 24 Kms from Yadagirigutta, near Aler. READ MORE

Kolanupaka Jain Temple - Telangana Toursim
Kolanupaka Jain Temple – Image Source:

4. Pembarthy Village

Pembarthy Brassware is world famous. The brass art work at Manhattan Hotel or Tokyo corporate offices comes from Pembarti, a small village of Telangana State known for its unique brass art.The brassware art of Pembarthi is dated back to Kakatiyas rule (900+ years old) and is still continuing. This place is located at a distance of 80 Kms from Hyderabad and 7 Kms from Konalupaka Jain Temple. READ MORE

Telangana State and Telangana Talli on Brass Plat - Pembarti Brassware
Telangana State and Telangana Talli on Brass Plat – Pembarti Brassware

5. Ghanpur Group of Temples

Ghanpur Group of Temples, also called as Kota Gullu is a spectacular piece of architecture belonging to the Kakatiyan era. It’s a collection 20-22 temples of architectural genius which are more 1000 years old. Ghanpur is located at a distance of 116 Kms and 37 Kms from Pembarthy village. Ghanpur is more closer to Kazipet Junction Railway Station. READ MORE

Kota Gullu or Ghanpur Group of Temples Warangal
Kota Gullu or Ghanpur Group of Temples – Image Courtesy:

6. Mettigutta Lord Shiva Temple

This temple is located in Madikonda near Kazipet. This temple is a hill called Metti Gutta. The history of this temple is dated back to Kakatiyas rule during 1000 AD. Watching Sunrise and Sunset from Mettigutta is a wonderful experience.

Mettugutta Ramalingeshwara Temple-Madikonda Kazipet
Mettugutta Ramalingeshwara Temple-Madikonda Kazipet

7. Kazipet Railway Station

Kazipet Railway Station is a 100 year old Railway Station built by Nizams of Hyderabad State. It’s a major junction connecting North India and South India. Don’t forget to have hot mirchis and irani chai at Kazipet. READ MORE

Kazipet Railway Station
Kazipet Railway Station – Image Source:

8. 850+ years old Thousand Pillar Temple

This is a spectacular ancient temple of Telangana known as a symbol of Kakatiya rule. The temple is also called as “Sri Rudreshwara Swamy Temple” named after the Kakatiya Ruler Rudradev. The style of Kaktiyan Architecture followed here is called as “Trikootalaya”.There are no words to describe the carvings in this Temple. Click here for more details on Thousand Pillar Temple. READ MORE

Side View of Thousand Pillar Temple Waranga
Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal – Image Courtesy:

9. Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort is a wonderful example of that fact that the Tri-city of Warangal-Hanamkonda-Kazipet is known for history of Kakatiyas and Telangana culture. Built under the Kakatiya dynasty, the fort continues to attract tourists with the remnants of its lost glory. It epitomizes the pride of a generation who discovered their roots and has strived to hold on to it even today. The Kakatiya Thoranam of Warangal Fort is the symbol of Telangana Culture and is also present in the Telangana State Logo.  Don’t miss the Swayambhu Shambu Lingeshwara Swamy temple present in this fort. READ MORE

Kakatiya Keerthi Thoranam at Warangal Fort
Kakatiya Keerthi Thoranam at Warangal Fort

10. Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple is one of the powerful ancient Temples of Telangana, built in 625 AD. Bhadrakali Matha is highly powerful and fulfills the wishes of devotes who worships Bhadrakali Ammavaru. Draped in history, myths and legends, the Bhadrakali Temple, straddling over the Tri-Cities of Telangana – Warangal, Hanamkonda and Kazipet, is a must visit for every tourist. READ MORE

Bhadrakali Temple Warangal Entrance
Bhadrakali Temple Warangal Entrance


11. The Padmakshi Temple

Also called as Padmakshi Gutta by locals. Built under the Kakatiya dynasty in the first quarter of the 12th century, the temple houses the Goddess Padmakshi as its primary deity. The most notable among these sculptures is the Annakonda pillar located at the entrance of the temple. READ MORE

View of Padmakshi Temple Hanamkonda
View of Padmakshi Temple Hanamkonda

12. Ramappa Temple, Palampet

, Built in 1213 A.D, is a fine specimen of the Kakatiyan architectural styles. Located at a distance of 77 km from Warangal, the Ramappa Temple in Palampet is easily accessible by road. The most notable among the temple structures is the Nandi placed to face the main shrine.  READ MORE

Ramappa Temple at Palampet, Warangal
Ramappa Temple at Palampet, Warangal – Image Courtesy:

13. Ramappa Lake

Ramappa Lake is one such man-made lake that speaks volumes of the irrigation genius of the Kakatiyan rulers. Set in scenic surroundings, this 13th century lake is created by a massive pit by joining mountain ranges that were in close proximity. The mellowed horizon, the pleasant breeze from the lake waters and the captivating view of the setting sun provides visitors with one of the most charming memories of the place. READ MORE

Ramappa Lake Warangal Images - Lake View
Ramappa Lake View at Sunset – Image Courtesy:

14. Laknavaram Lake an Important Telangana Tourism Spot

Laknavaram Lake was first discovered by the great Kakatiyan rulers in the 13th century. It has around 13 beautiful islands floating in its serene waters; two of which are connected with a hanging bridge. Located in isolated surroundings, the lake is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and affords tourists with the peace of mind they crave for in their everyday urban life. READ MORE

Laknavaram Lake Bridge
Laknavaram Lake Bridge – Image Courtesy:

15. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary of Telangana is spread over 812 Sq Kms. This sanctuary is famous for its reptile population. It registers a healthy count of mugger crocodile, python, Kraite, Star and Cobra. Home to a wide variety of wild life and a source of rich bio and marine diversity, the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is truly an asset that needs to be preserved. A visit to this place is sure to add a breath of freshness to the lives of its visitors.READ MORE

View from watch tower in Thick Forest of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
View from watch tower in Thick Forest of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary – Image Courtesy:

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