5 Roads in Telangana to Ride on Your Royal Enfield

As you croon to your favourite Denver number “Country Roads, take me home” while getting ready for your road trip on your Royal Enfield, take a look at some awesome road routes of Telangana that will give you all the more reasons to rev up the accelerator.

Road from Hyderabad to Adilabad – NH 7 (National Highway 7 in Telangana)

If there is anything that could be a considered as a prerequisite for driving a Royal Enfield then it is the ability to let the brute pick up some speed on the road it treads. The NH 7 from Hyderabad to Adilabad offers this and much more and in the process provides one of the best driving experiences. Stretching from the Varanasi right till Kanyakumari, the NH 7 is one of the longest National Highways traversing the country. It cuts across several states in its journey including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

Hyderabad to Adilabad Road (NH7)  via Kuntala waterfalls

Hyderabad to Adilabad Road (NH7) – Image Courtesy: www.highwayonlyway.com

In Telangana, NH7 from Hyderabad to Adilabad is the most scenic flanked as it is by an abundance of greenery on both sides. It is particularly heavenly during the monsoons when the roads invite the daring to race with the rains. The highway from Hyderabad to Adilabad stretches for around 304 km and easily beats any other highway in its beauty and greenery.  The route also takes you to the Kuntala waterfall in the Adilabad district. This huge mass of water cascading down from a height of 45 metres is truly a sight to behold if you are travelling in this route on your Royal Enfield. The amazing variety of flora and fauna that grow around the place helps to make it all the more beautiful and a must visit while on the road. This is one of  the best roads in Telangana.

Hyderabad – Warangal Road – National Highway 163 (previously NH202)

The 145 km stretch of the National Highway 163 which lets you drive upto Warangal is popularly known as The Hyderabad Warangal highway. It further lets you drive right into Chattisgarh where it culminates. The road from Hyderabad passes through areas along the northern banks of the River Musi. It provides one of the most scenic vistas as you drive past the townships. Moreover, there are plans to expand it into a 4-lane expressway which will make driving down this a far more enjoyable experience. Though prone to accidents at present, once the 4-lanes expressway is in place this stretch will definitely become a safer option. The Hyderabad –Yadarigutta stretch has already been converted into a 4-lane expressway. The road is dotted with several eateries where you can stop for refreshments. Also, as you cross the Aler Town do not forget to taste the famous Aler tea. It will definitely be worth the experience.

There are multiple tourist attractions along this road. Bhongir Fort, Yadagiri Gutta, Surendrapuri, Kolanupaka, Ghanpur Groups of Temples, Mettigutta, Thousand Pillar Temple, Warangal fort, etc are some of the very important tourist attractions in this route.

Hyderabad to Warangal Highway (NH163) - Bhongir Fort Hill view

Hyderabad to Warangal Highway (NH163) – Bhongir Fort Hill view – Image Courtesy: www.yadagirigutta.net

Hyderabad to Siddipet (on Hyderabad to Karimnagar Road – State Highway 1  )

The Hyderabad-Siddipet-Karimnagar-Ramagundam(Godavarikhani) Road also known as the Rajiv Rahadari or SH1 is a state highway that is a popular access to Hyderabad city from the Karimnagar district industrial coal belt of Godavarikhani. It starts from Patny/Cantonment (Parade Grounds) in Hyderabad and joins the NH-16 (Nizamabad-Mancherial-Jagdalpur) at Mancherial-Chennur cross roads. The Rajiv Rahadari is soon being converted into a 4-lane expressway and is also known as the H-K-R roadways. This particular is also one of the best routes to ride your Royal Enfield specially in monsoons.


Hyderabad to Karimnagar Highway via Siddipet

Hyderabad to Karimnagar Highway via Siddipet – Image Courtesy: www.panoramio.com

NH 202 – Hanamkonda to Karimnagar Road

The distance between Hanamkonda and Karimnagar, two of the most important cities in Telangana other than Hyderabad, stretches for around 72 km on the National Highway 202. It passes through the most verdant landscapes and can be covered in approximately 1 hour. The highway further connects Warangal with Hyderabad and other major cities. Hanamkonda is the district headquarters and part of theTri-cities towns along with Warangal and Kazipet that makes up the Warangal city.

The Hanamkonda –Karimnagar road passes through some splendid architectural edifices which reminds one of the valour and power of the great Kakatiyas who have left strong footprints in the annals of Telangana history. The Thousand Pillar temple is one such architectural marvel which will compel you to slow down on the accelerator and stop by for a look around.

Hyderabad to Zaheerabad  Road on NH9

The National Highway 9 is a major highway in central India. It traverses four states commencing in Pune, Maharashtra, cutting across Karnataka and Telangana. In Telangana, the picturesque route between Hyderabad and Zaheerabad falls on the National Highway 9. The roads are in moderately good condition making driving a pleasurable experience. The stretch is dotted with some excellent restaurants and eateries making it a delight to stop over at any one of these and digging into a plateful of delicious meals and snacks. The road is a biker’s delight and is teeming with biking enthusiasts, atleast upto Sholapur. There is however, one catch. It is a two lane road with no dividers and perennially filled with trucks plying between Pune and Hyderabad. It is therefore important that you pay careful attention while driving to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

Hyderabad to Zaheerabad on NH9

Hyderabad to Zaheerabad on NH9 – Image Courtesy: team-bhbp.com

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