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Bathini Brothers Fish Medicine for Asthama

Bathini Brothers belong to a Goud Family living in Hyderabad. Every year Bathini Brothers Fish Medicine which is an Herbal Food Supplement is offered to Asthama patients for free. Its been 168 years since they have started offering free medicine for Asthama cure and they still continuing the tradition.

There is a story behind why the Bathini Brothers having started this social service for Asthama cure. Their Great Grand Father Mr. Veeranna Goud (before 1845), used to distribute Toddy along with bread to the labor who work hard everyday and help them to quench their thirst and hunger. An holy man met Mr Veeranna Goud and was impressed with his charity activity and told him about the secret formula of some good herbs which can cure Asthama. He also told him to distribute the herbal food supplement for Free. Since then the Bathini Family have been practicing this charitable activity curing many Asthama patients since more than 160 years.

After Mr. Veeranna Goud, this secret formal is passed to Shiva Ram Goud who later to Shankar Goud. The herbal medicine supplement got famous and gained popularity during Shankar Goud tenure and he in turn passed the formula to his five sons. The present Bathini Goud brothers are Mr. Vishwanath Goud, Mr. Harinath Goud and Mr. Uma Maheshwar Goud. Now their sons are also involved in this practice.

Bathini Brothers Fish Medicine is distributed on the day of ‘Mrigasira Karti”(Monsoon season starts from Mrigasira Karthi). This day is generally falls in the first or second week June every year. The Herbal Medicine is first kept in the mount of a live small fish (around 2 inches size) and the same is slipped in the mouth of each patient. Bathini Brothers never disclosed the secret formula of their herbal medicine to anyone other than their family members because there is belief that the secret formula of the herbal medicine may not work if its disclosed to everyone.

Bathini Brothers Fish Medicine
Bathini Brothers offering Fish Medicine to patient

Even after many controversies on the medicinal value of the Fish Medicine, Bathini Brothers are still continuing their service all these years. Instead of appreciating their effort, many organizations are trying to defame their fish medicine which is not at all harmful to anyone. There are lakhs of people who got cured after taking this Fish medicine, which is the Only proof that this medicine works very well.

After the intake of the medicine, patients should follow a strict diet as prescribed by Bathini Brothers at the venue. They are also going to provide extra doses which is supposed to be taken Arudra (22-June), Punarvasu (06-July) and Pushyami (20-July).

Bathini Brothers Fish Medicine is only available in Hyderabad and that too FREE OF COST.

Venue: Nampally Exhibition Grounds
Date and Timings: starts on 08-June-2014 at 5:22 pm to 09-Jun-2014 5:22 pm (24 hours non-stop)

How to Reach:
– From Secunderabad Railway Station: Bus Numbers 7,8,20,40N
– From Jubilee Bus Stand: Bus Numbers 8,7,40N
– From Nampally Railway Station – its walkable distance
– Telangana State Transport is providing special buses from Secunderabad/Hyderabad major locations

Bathini Brothers Fish Medicine

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