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Bhongir Fort – The Impregnable Fort of the Chalukyas in Telangana

Bhongir Fort View from the ground
Bhongir Fort View from the ground – Image Courtesy: www.meetup.com

Bhongir Fort – 10th Century fort built on a single rocky hill

Located on a single rocky hill in the Bhongir town in the Nalgonda district, tourists often come across a unique egg-shaped structure. Regal even in its present state of decadence, this is the lesser known Bhongir Fort.

Built in the 10th Century under the aegis of the Chalukya ruler Tri-bhuvana-Malla Vikram-Aditya VI, the fort presents a unique structure made from a single monolithic rock. The patronage of the Chalukya kings led the fort to be known as Tribuvanagiri. Over the years, it gained popularity as Bhavanagiri (Bhuvana’s Hill). During the Muslim rule when names of important sites were being changed to bring in the Islamic culture, Bhuvanagiri came to be renamed as Bhongir. Till the present day, the fort is known as such.

The fort or the Bala Hisar located on a hill that is 500 feet high provides a perfect view of the surrounding areas and the village. Though built by the Chalukyas it finds a sufficient reference during the reign of Kakatiyas and plays an important part in the reign of Rudramadevi and her grandson Prataprudra.

Single Rock Hill of Bhongir Fort
Single Rock Hill of Bhongir Fort – Image Courtesy: www.ugo.cn

The structure and position of the fort rendered it impregnable. The height of the hill on which it was built provided it with an advantage as it afforded a bird’s eye view of the whole town. The entry gateways are blocked by two huge rocks. Moreover a huge moat encircles the fort which helped to reinforce its defence strategies. In addition the fort also houses several other options to enhance its reputation of being the most invincible bastions of its time. Some of these include a huge underground chamber, an armory, stables, and trap doors. It is also believed that the fort had an underground pathway which led right upto the Golconda fort. Visitors are invited to visit the remnants of these defence mechanisms which makes a trip to the fort an intriguing and exciting expedition.

Ruins of Bhongir Fort Strcuture
Ruins of Bhongir Fort Structure – Image Courtesy: www.tripadvisor.in

In the 15th century with the advent of gunpowder and canons, the strength of the Bhongir fort in warding off enemies gradually began to ebb. It began to lose its strategic importance. It received a new shape and name under the Bahamani Sultans who renovated it to don its appearance in Islamic style.

The Bhongir Fort is located at a distance of 50 km from Hyderabad. In its present state the fort is just a decaying reminder of its glorious and gallant past. It represents valour and chivalry of a generation of rulers that goes a long way in making Telangana what it is today. It is an icon of the past that makes Telegus proud of their heritage.

Abondoned Cannnon at Bhongir Fort
Abondoned Cannnon at Bhongir Fort – Image Courtesy: www.ugo.cn

Special Attractions:
– The remnants of the hidden chambers in this fort are an interesting sight for tourists with an interest in history.
– Bird’s Eye view of the city of Bhongir from the top of the hill
– More than 800 years old Canon on the top of hill at Bhongir fort
– Sunrise View from Bhongir Fort should be a must and should activity of any tourist.

Entry Fee to Bhongir Fort: The Entrance Tickets are priced at Rs.3/- per head.

Specialty of the place: Built on top of a hill which is about 500 feet in height, the Bhongir fort provides ample opportunity for the trekking and rock climbing. Therefore the place is ideal not only for reliving history but also for adventure.

Bhongir Fort Timings: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm everyday

Bird's Eye View from Bhongir Fort
Bird’s Eye View from Bhongir Fort – Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

Distance to Bhongir Fort:
– Distance from MGBS Hyderabad is 49 Kms
– Distance from Warangal is 98 Kms
– Distance from Nalgonda Town is 74 Kms

Where to stay:
– Hotel Vivera, located in Bhuvanagiri is a good option for tourists. Strategically located to enable tourists easily reach the preferred tourist spots, Hotel Vivera is also quite reasonably priced. Some of the other accommodation options include Hotel Ganesh, Hotel Bhuvaneshwary and Hotel Nagamani.
– Alternatively One can also stay in Hyderabad and visit this fort.

Water Pond on top of the hill at Bhongir Fort
Water Pond on top of the hill at Bhongir Fort – Image Courtesy: www.ugo.cn

How to reach:
– Bhuvanagiri can be accessed by rail from various parts of the state. The fort is at a distance of 1 km from the station and can be easily accessed by auto rickshaws from Bhongir Railway Station.
– All the buses plying from Hyderabad to Warangal (Hanamkonda) go via Bhongir.
– Many buses are available from MGBS Hyderabad to Bhongir.

Nearest Railway Station: The closest railway station is Bhuvanagiri which is located at a distance of 1 km from the fort.

Nearby by Tourist Attractions:
– Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Yadagirigutta
– Surendrapuri

Useful Contact Numbers:
– Nalgonda District Information – 090 10 206748
– State Tourism Department: 040-23450444

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