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400 years old Jetaprolu Temples – Ancient Telangana Temples

Jetaprolu Temples - Telangana Temples
Jetaprolu Temple – Image Courtesy:
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Jetaprolu is a small village in Amanaganti Seema and it is a  Land of Temples in Telangana State. This place has a very beautiful sculptures with lots of heritage importance. Tourist attractions of Jetaprolu are mainly two temples which is called as Agasthyeswara Swamy Temple and Madanagopala Swamy Temple. Looking back to the history it states that the temples were built in 10th and 16th century A.D.

Both the temples were moved to Jetaprolu from the villages of Jetaprolu namely  Malleswaram and Manchalakota due to the construction of Srisailam Dam and threat of submerging Krishna water into villages.

Agasthyesvara Temple has very beautiful pillar beams and rich sculptures. The  place is explored very little and has  very less tourist attraction on weekdays. It gets populated on Major Hindu festivals like Sivarathri , Karthika Pornami, Masa Sivarathir and Toli Ekadasi

Madana Gopala Swamy Temple: Madana Gopala Swamy temple was built by Rajas of Jetprolu during the 16th century A.D and it is one of the largest temples in entire Telangana with spacious Sabhamandapa. Brahmosatvam which takes place here has a glorious history of 400 years.

Lord Madanagopala Swamy is known as  Jatara of Jataprolu. In the historic tales, the place Jataprole is known as Jatayuvu Kshetra .

Naming History of the Lord : Lord Sri Krishna said to be  one of the Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu is known as Madana Gopala when he is represented with Rukmini and Satyabhama and also  known as Venu Gopala Swamy.

The temple is located at a distance of 9 kms from Kollapur.

How to Reach the Temple ?
By Road : Devotees can reach the destination from Pebber (NH-7) or Kollapur.  Temple is located about 36 km from Pebber (NH-7); about 9 km from Kollapur, 158 km from Mahabubnagar.
By Train : Devotees can reach the destination through train also. Nearest railway station is located at Gadwal, which is about 50 km away from the destination Jetaprolu
By Air :  The nearest Airport is located at Shamshabad International Airport (Hyderabad).

Special Tourist Attractions: 
There are few tourist  attractions in and around Jetaprolu which also brings revenue to Mahabubnagar Tourism
– There are 20 Shivalayams (Lord Shiva Temples) located at the same place at Jetaprolu, which are directly under the control of Telangana Endowments Department.
– River Krishna flows very nearby the temple and this place is very famous for the sacred holy river bath in River Krishna.
– Huge crow comes during Krishna River Pushkara Snanam (also called as Pushkaralu) which happens once in 12 years.

Accommodation Facilities:
– There is no proper accommodation or lodging facilities available in Jetaprolu. Generally pilgrims who visit this place stay here for about a day in Mandapam for free of cost. And usually people who visit here plan for one day visit.
– People rush is generally high during holiday months like April, May, June and also during the festivals like Ugadi, Sivarathri, Dussera etc.

Useful Contact Numbers: 
– Telangana Tourism Toll Free Number :1800 425 46464

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