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Laknavaram Lake–The Scenic Beauty of Telangana

Laknavaram Lake – The Rainwater Lake of Telangana

Laknavaram Lake Bridge
Laknavaram Lake Bridge – Image Courtesy: www.photographer-updates.blogspot.in

Located at a distance of 6 km from the beautiful and friendly village of Govindaraopet, the serene and pristine water body of Laknavaram Lake is an attractive tourist destination of Telangana. The lake is set amidst beautiful dense forests and is a haven for nature loving tourists.

Also known as the Laknavaram Cheruvu, the lake was first discovered by the great Kakatiyan rulers in the 13th century. Like all their other discoveries and establishments they have utilized this huge store of rainwater for the benefit and betterment of their people. As a result the Lakhnvaram Lake used to be utilized to water the agricultural lands and for other needs of cultivation. This was facilitated by the construction of two sluice gates that were also built by the Great Kakatiyan rulers.

In its present state the Lakhnavaram Lake is an ideal tourist spot of Warangal. Ensconced between the huge Govindaraopet mountains the Laknavaram Lake is sprawled over an area of 10,000 acres. It has around 13 beautiful islands floating in its serene waters; two of which are connected with a hanging bridge. The latter is a new addition by the State Tourism Department in its attempt to enhance the value of the place as a tourist destination. The department has several other plans on the anvil in order to make the place more congenial for tourists. Some of these include, making the metal access road more suitable for increased number of footfalls and including arrangements that would make this a popular spot for picnic.

However, even in its present state, the lake is a popular spot for tourists seeking peace and calm. Located in isolated surroundings, the lake is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and affords tourists with the peace of mind they crave for in their everyday urban life.

Laknavaram Lake warangal
Laknavaram Lake View – Image Courtesy: www.photographer-updates.blogspot.in

The closest town to the lake is Mulugu located at 30 km away. The lake is located at a distance of 70 km away from the city of Warangal. A right turn from the Chavai village on the metal road that passes through the Bussapur village leads tourists to this idyllic water body.

The huge expanse of calm and serene water, surrounded by the dense green growth of vegetation and crowned by pristine blue skies definitely tends the mind to become poets. Isolated islands lazily floating in its lap tends to impart the lake with a unique character seen or found in very few water bodies. It is not just a lake but seems to be a whole new revelation where the mind seeks answers to rediscover the self.

The State Tourism Department is in the process of launching boating facilities for the entertainment of tourists. A ride on the serene waters will surely provide a closer look at the surrounding islands. Tourists would then be able to peek into the depths of the dense growth and try to unravel the mysteries lying hidden within. This is sure to add an element of thrill and spice up their trip to this otherwise innocuous destination.

Being fed with rainwater, the Laknavaram Lake usually overflows in the monsoons. Therefore travel to this place becomes difficult in the monsoon. Nevertheless, at other times of the year, it is definitely a treat to watch this unique work of nature.

Bridge at Laknavaram Lake Warangal
Bridge at Laknavaram Lake Warangal – Image Courtesy: www.thehindu.com

Special Attractions:
– Idyllic Locales
– Walk on the bridge connecting an island amidst the Lakhnavaram Lake
– Scenic beauty of the place

Nearby Attractions:
– Medaram Villagae famous for Samakka Sarakka Jatara
– The Ramappa Temple
– The Ramappa Lake

Other Facilities:
– Boating facility is also available at the Lakhnavaram for the tourists to enjoy the boat rides.

– 70 Kms from Warangal (via Mulugu road). 100-120 minutes drive by car
– 100 Kms from Karimnagar – 3 hours drive by car
– 205 Kms from Hyderabad – 4-4.5 hours drive by car

Beatiful View of Laknavaram Lake Warangal
Beatiful View of Laknavaram Lake Warangal – Image Courtesy: www.flickr.com/photos/viveeonline

Public Transport:
– State Road Transport buses are available from Hanamkonda Bus Stand, Warangal

Food Facilities:
– There are few vendors at Lakhnavaram Lake who sells snack items, tea and water bottles. Its better to pack your food from nearest town like Warangal, Mulugu, etc so that one can enjoy the trip without any hassles about food.

Contact Numbers:
– State Tourism Department – 040-23450444, 1800-42-545454
– Warangal Tourism Officer: 0870-2459201

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