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Lumbini Park and the Laser Show – Hyderabad Tourist Spot

The Lumbini Park lies in the middle of the city, besides the famed Hussain Sagar Lake and Secretariat. It is a park dedicated to Lord Buddha. The name of the park comes from the garden in Nepal, where Lord Buddha was born. The official name of the park is T. Anjaiah Lumbini Mark and it’s been named so to give honour to one of state’s late chief ministers.

On one side(though far) of it is the huge Telangana Secretariat and on the other- the Hussain Sagar Lake. The park has been beautifully landscaped and it offers a lot many sites for enjoying. Right at the entrance flowers and green patches landscape a large clock. The concept of a large, colourful clock designed using flowers is unique and alluring. The landmark of the park is the large statue of Lord Budhha. Also, the life story of the Lord has been sculptured here. So a trip here is not pure fun-based, but educational for kids and adults too. Boating services are also available. One can take a boat and venture into the peaceful Hussain Sagar Lake while drawing in the serenity of the surroundings.

Lumbini Park Entrance - Hyderabad Tourism
Lumbini Park Entrance – Image Courtesy:

There are green patches and trees to maintain a cool shade and to beautify the park. There is also an enchanting musical fountain in the park, which plays popular Telugu and Bollywood numbers. Another magnet for kids is the swings in the park. At all times, Lumbini Park draws a happy picture with the kids enjoying on the various swings and slides here. An “Ant Hill”, huge models of insects and fruits and other amusing things are spread across the park. There is also a toy train one can board and take a mini ride on. An artificial waterfall, ‘Veil of water” are other attractions. The laser show of the park is the central attraction, these days.The timings of the show are 7:15 pm on weekdays and on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) 7:15 pm and 8:30 pm.
It is followed by a presentation on the history of the city, which is interesting and informative.

At night, with the orange lamps and laser light and musical fountain’s glow, the Lumbini Park glows beautifully in magnificence.

Because the park is situated in the center of the city, it is easily reachable and families find it an easy getaway on weekends. Besides the various centers like fountains, a waterfall, swings, toy train, etc. the park is a beautiful green patch in the city center and makes for a good place to come to and just relax. One can lie down on the cool grass, on a summer evening while the kids have a go at the rides. The various water bodies across provide a cool atmosphere. There have been complaints though that the water bodies aren’t well maintained and the water smells. Lumbini Park authorities need to clear away such complaints by tightening maintenance and the Park will become even more popular.

Laser Show ain Lumbini Park
Laser Show ain Lumbini Park – Image Courtest:

Location: Lumbini Park is located in the center of the Hyderabad city, located on one of the corners of Hussain Sagar Lake and near Telangana State Secretariat.

Lumbini Park Timings: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Closed on Mondays.
Lumbini Laser Show Timings: 7:15 pm on weekdays, on Saturdays and Sundays- 7:15 pm, 8:30 pm

– Entry fee: Rs. 10
– For laser show– Rs. 50
– For boating: Adults – Rs. 45 and Children – Rs.25
– Speed boating – Rs. 250

– Distance from MGBS Hyderabad is 5.1 Kms. (15-20 min drive by car).
– Distance from Secunderabad is 5.4 Kms (15-20 min drive by car).

– Lots of hotels in Hyderabad with variety of cuisines, but one should not miss Biryani. Enjoy some snacks at the Lumbini Park watching the Laser Show with your dear ones.

– Hussain Sagar Lake
Birla Mandir
– Eat Street
– NTR Gardens

Useful Contact Number:
State Tourism – 040-23450444

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