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Mahabubnagar was part of Ashoka’s empire and Satavahana Dynasty – History of Mahabubnagar and nearby places

Mahabubnagar Tourist Attractions
Mahabubnagar Tourist Attractions

As you glance through the history of Telangana, Mahabubnagar District plays a significant role as it is a part of the ten prominent districts of the state. The history of Mahabubnagar  which is truly a saga . This place was once known as Cholawadi or the land of the Cholas. It was also referred by other names like Rukmammapeta and Palamooru. In honor of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, the Nizam of Hyderabad (1869-1911 AD) it was changed to Mahabubnagar and it is  a southern district of Hyderabad state under the Nizam of Hyderabad. It is the headquarters of the district since 1883 AD.

<Mahabubnagar was named after Mir Mahboob Alo Khan, the Nizam of Hyderabad</h2>

Interestingly most of the time, this region was ruled by very small regional rulers, Samasthans, Jamindars, Doras or land lords.  At present, There are 64 Mandals in the Mahabubnagar district.

History of this region can be understood by the dynasties ruled .

Formerly it was under Ashoka’s empire in 250 BC followed by number of dynasties including  Satavahana Dynasty (221BC-218 AD), Chalukya Dynasty in South India (between 5th and 11th century AD), Rashtrakutas Dynasty – Ruled for a brief period in 9th Century, Kakatiya Dynasty (1100-1474 AD), Bahamanis Dynasty (1347 – 1518), Qutab Shahi Dynasty (1518-1687). After the decline of the Qutab Shahi dynasty, Mughal rule was established over the region. Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor, invaded Golconda in A.D.1687 and annexed it to the Mughal Empire.Thus, for about a period of 35 years it was ruled by the Mughals.

Coming to the part of exploration, Mahabubnagar Tourism has everything you could ask for and more. Being a major tourist attractions of Telangana , Mahabubnagar is a scenic location surrounded by many hills.

The most magnificent Mahabubnagar tourist attractions are:
– Pillalamarri
– Alampur temple
– Mallela Theertham
– Koilsagar Dam
– Jurala Dam

Pillalamarri or peerla marri is a 800 year old banyan tree located in Mahabubnagar. Interestingly the meaning of the name is derived from the local language Telugu ( pillala – children, marri-tree) It is also called Peerlamarri because beneath the tree there is a Muslim Saint’s tomb. So the locals even call it the Saints tree. Peer means saint and marri means Banyan in local dialect. This attraction is located only 4 kms from Mahabubnagar district

Alampur is next prime attraction of Mahabubnagar tourism which is at a distance of 214 kms from Hyderabad. It is on the banks Tungabhadra in the Mahbubnagar District . Alampur is antique place of Chalukyas times. It is located between the two group of temples called the Brahmewara temples and Papanashan temples. It is a paradise for Telangana tourists interested in archaeological studies.

It is said that the beauty of the earth is concentrated on that bend where the Tungabhadra rushes on to its sangam with that Krishna.

Koil Sagar project is a  upgoing project in Mahabubnagar which is underconstruction. It is said that once it is completed it would serve 12000 acres of land which in turn would increase the agriculture  exports of the Telangana .It has become a  famous Mahabubnagar  tourism spot as it is near the Veerabadhra Swami Temple in Kolkanda .

Joorala Project (also called the Jurala or Priyadarshini Jurala Project) is situated about 10 km from Kuravapur, Mahabubnagar. It is constructed on the Krishna river. The Kurvapur Kshetra River is merging with water of the Joorala Project. It is also a one of the famous tourist spot of Mahabubnagar.

How to Reach ?

By road:
Visitors can reach the destination from Hyderabad to Erravalli X Road on NH-7, which has 120′ BT Road with good condition. The destination is about 100 Kms from Hyderabad.

 By air:

Rajiv Gandhi international airport at Shamshabad is the nearest airport for Mahabubnagar district. Shamshabad is located 30 kms from Shadnagar and 80 kms from Mahabubnagar town.

By train:

Trains running between Hyderabad to Bangalore and Egmore of Chennai to Kachiguda in Hyderabad pass through Mahabubnagar railway station.

Useful Contact Numbers:
Telangana Tourism Board – Toll Free : 1800-425-46464

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