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Manthani Temples – Telangana Temples

Omkareshwara Temple and Laxminarayana Temple-Manthani Temples
Omkareshwara Temple and Laxminarayana Temple-Manthani Temples

Manthani Temples – The Chants of Faith

Manthani in Karimnagar has immense significance in Karimnagar Tourism. It has significant contributions in Telangana history and culture. This makes tourists frequent this site in order to savor the true Telangana spirit.

Manthani means a pot of buttermilk. The place derived its names owing to the strong presence of Vedic scholars whose recitations of the Vedic mantras created the feeling of Mantras or hymns being churned as milk is churned to create buttermilk. Located on the banks of the River Godavari, Manthani is home to several temples. Each of these was built during the Kakatiya era and reflects strong Buddhist and Jain influence. This helps to establish the fact that Manthani was also important as a Buddhist and Jain Center.

One of the important Manthani Temples is Gautameswara temple. Built in a star shaped structure it bears a strong resemblance to the Thousand Pillar temple of Hanumakonda. It is also one of the prime attractions in the Karimnagar Tourism Itinerary. The presiding deity of the temple is Gautameswara or Lord Shiva. This Manthani temple bears testimony of the ravages inflicted on it by generations of assault and neglect. The Upapitha and Aadhishthana are mostly gone and only a portion of it remains. Mythology is elaborately depicted on the outer walls of the temple. It shows the gory vision of Narasimha tearing out the intestines of the demon Hiranyakashyapa and wearing them as a garland. This reflects the Hoysala style and is probably the most lifelike in nature. In addition to this, the walls still bear the relief work depicting Naginis, Chowry-bearers, Vasudeva, Varuna and Brahma.

Vinayaka Temple and Saileshwara Temple-Manthani Temples
Vinayaka Temple and Saileshwara Temple-Manthani Temples

The most preferred time of visit is during the Maha Shivratri festival. During this time the place lights up with pomp and gaiety. Devotees from far and wide reach the premises to offer their prayers to the Lord and participate in the celebrations. The temple houses a Shivling of 1.25 mt in the inner chambers, which is decorated for devotees to offer their prayers. It is a time when the temple receives the maximum footfall.

The temple reflects several other indications of assault made by man and nature. The beautiful idol of the Nandi gracing the entrance of the temple appears to bear the brunt of the Muslim invasions. Its ears and nose seem to have been cut off. However, the shiny black structure with its gracious build continues to be a major attraction for tourists visiting the temple. The inner sanctum of the temple houses an idol of Lord Ganesha

The Mahalaxmi Temple is another important name among the Manthani Temples. It is about 250 years old and is located on the banks of Ravula Cheruvu a small lake on the western border of Manthani. The temple houses the idol of Mahalaxmi, the goddess of wealth which is its presiding deity. The four limbed (Chaturbhuja) goddess is placed on a 1 Mt. Slab and is depicted as holding a dagger, a kumkuma bharine, a lotus and a chakra in each of her four hands.

Some of the other temples which fall within the ambit of the category well known as Manthani Temples include:
– Gautameswara temple
– Mahalaxmi Temple
– Lord Saileshwara Temple
– Laxmi Narayana Swamy Temple
– Vinayaka Temple
– Dattatreya Temple
– Saraswati Temple
– Ramalayam Temple
– Panchayatanam Temple
– Omkeshwara Temple

Any mention of Telangana Tourism is incomplete without a reference to Manthani and its temples. A rich repository of history and culture, the place holds an exalted position in archeological discussions as well.

MahaLakshmi Temple-Manthani Temples
MahaLakshmi Temple-Manthani Temples

Special Attraction among Mathani Temples: The star shaped structure and the pillared interiors make the Gautameswara temple of Manthani strongly resemble the Thousand Pillar temple in Warangal.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:
-Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary.
– Godavari River
– Kaleshwaram

Distance to Mathani Temples:
– Distance from Hyderabad to Manthani is 230 Kms
– Distance from Warangal to Manthani is 108 Kms
– Distance from Karimnagar to Manthani is 70 Kms
– Distance from Nizamabad to Manthani is 198 Kms

Where to stay: Karimnagar has a number of good hotels and lodges that provide comfortable accommodation facilities. Small budget hotels are also available that provide basic accommodation facilities.
Some of the Good Hotels in Karimnagar are:
– Swetha Inn – Ph 9676100333
– Hotel Manair – Ph 0878 2245879
– Srinivasa Hotel – Ph: 0878 2243201
– Hotel Kalpana – Ph 0878 650 3985
– Hotel Prathima Residency – Ph 0878 2233666

How to reach Mathani Temples: Manthani can be reached easily with the help of local buses and taxis plying from all the major cities of Telangana : Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Hanamkonda, etc.

Nearest Railway Station: Ramagundam is the closest railway station which is 27 kms far from Manthani

Useful Contact Numbers:
– Karimnagar District Tourism Office – +91 9440816070
– State Tourism Department: 040-23450444

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