Mrugavani National Park – Telangana Park famous for Deer and Peacocks

In the industrial age where nature is fast disappearing off the face of Earth, national parks are one of the few habitats flora and fauna get to grow in, without human intervention.

Mrugavani National Park, in Hyderabad, is one such park for wildlife known for the number of deer and peacocks in Telangana State.

Spread over an area of 3.6 square kilometers, the Mrugavani is home to 600 types of species of plant species, over 100 species of birds and local animal wildlife.  The park is at a distance of 25 kilometers from the Pearl City of Hyderabad and falls in Moinabad Mandal. It was made into a wildlife sanctuary in 1994 by the Govt. of India.

Entrance of Mrugavani National Park

Entrance of Mrugavani National Park – Image Courtesy:

The weather is pleasant for a visit at all times. A small museum on the flora and fauna housed by the Mrugavani National Park, greets you at the entrance. It exhibits an amazing collection of snake skins, besides other things.

You can take a Safari Bus to tour the park. The service is not an efficient one though and the bus may be out of service or the driver may be late. It is definitely a cheap one, though – 50 Rs. for a family of 5.  Once the driver arrives, he gives you certain guidelines on how to behave in the park.

A drive through the woods depends much on your luck. While you may be lucky enough to spot a leopard, the major chances are that you won’t. You’ll come across plenty of deer and peacocks though. The Mrugavani boasts of an impressive number of both the species – 500 deer, 800 peacocks. The variety of animals in the park includes- The black naped hare, Forest Cat, Civet, Chita, Wild Boar, Russell’s Viper, Sambar, Panther, Cheetal, Indian Rat Snake, Mongoose Monitor Lizard, Python, Cobra.

Deer in Mrugavani National Park

Deer in Mrugavani National Park – Image Courtesy:

The topography at Mrugavani Park is a typical Deccan one, with Southern Tropical Deciduous forests in abundance. The forest is dry and the plants thorny scrubby; species of trees like Teak, Sandal, Bamboo, Picus, Cassia, Palas and Rela etc. line the park. For bird watchers, the Flower Pecker, Bulbul, Munia, Heron, Robin, Myna, Sunbird, Egret, Drongo can be viewed when patient. Ironically, the common sparrow is harder to spot.

There are high view points for sighting animals from a distance, also.

The Mrugavani National Park also has a well-stocked library. The auditorium organizes interactive shows and slide shows presentation on wildlife.

Lake present in Mrugavani National Park

Lake present in Mrugavani National Park – Image Courtesy:

It offers provisions for night camps too. There are tents, cottages and dormitories available for up to 40 people at a time. The bookings for accommodation need to be made at the KBR National Park Office Counter.

The Mrugavani National Park is not as large as other national parks of the country. Neither does it house as large a number of species of wildlife as others do. But instead of regular visits to air-conditioned shopping malls, movie halls and exhibitions, introduce a break in the monotony, pay a visit to the lungs of Hyderabad and a pleasant experience is guaranteed.

Mrugavani National Park Timings:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entry Ticket: 10 Rs
Safari ticket for 5 people: 50 Rs

Facilities Available at Mrugavani National Park:
– Safari Drive in in 900 acres area to forest deer and peacocks.
– Rest Areas and Sit-outs
– Environmental Education center with film shows, library and museum
– Nature Trial and trekking to view point
– Snake Shows

Cottages inside Mrugavani National Park

Cottages inside Mrugavani National Park – Image Courtesy:

– From MGBS Hyderabad is 20 Kms (50 -60 min drive by car)
– From Secunderabad Railway Station is 24 Kms (60 – 70 min drive by car)
– From Mehdipatnam is 15.5 Kms (30-40 min drive by car)

 How to reach Mrugavani National Park:
– Plenty of buses go through this route. All the buses going to Chilkur Balaji Temple have a halt at Mrugavani National Park.
– From Mehdipatnam, bus routes are 288A, 288B, 288C, 288D, 288H,288J, 288P, 288R, 288S etc buses go via this national park.

FOOD: Make sure you carry your own water bottles and food along. The shop at the park provides very basic stuff and may be out of stock.

Accommodation: There are cottages and tents available in the park for the visitors to stay. Once can utilize this option to stay in the park and enjoy the nature.

Sit Out area in Mrugavani National Park

Sit Out area in Mrugavani National Park – Image Courtesy:

Useful Contact Number:
– Divisional Forest Officer, (Wildlife Management), Hyderabad, Phone : 040-23607663
– Forest Range Officer – 923235135

Nearby Tourist Spots:
Chilkur Balaji Temple
Osman Sagar Lake (Gandipet)
– Kali Matha Temple

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