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Pakhal Lake – A Picturesque Man-Made Lake of Telangana

Pakhal Lake Warangal
Pakhal Lake Warangal – Image Courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

Pakhal Lake – Man Made Lake of Kakatiyas

The District of Warangal is home to a whole range of scenic and picturesque tourist destinations. The Pakhal Lake located 50 km east of the city of Warangal is one such destination which redefines serenity.

Lavishly spread out over 30 Sq Km of real estate the lake was built under the able supervision of Ganapatideva, the Kakatiyan king, in 1213 A.D by channeling out the waters of a small tributary of the Krishna River. Initially built with the intention of eradicating the problem of water scarcity faced by locals, the lake today has become a popular tourist destination.

The blue waters of the lake are excellently complemented by its lush green surroundings. Skirting its shores lie the Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary. Tourists therefore are provided with varied options. They can opt to relax and refresh the mind in the cool environment or rejuvenate the body with the much needed adrenaline rush that comes with an exciting wildlife safari. The best part is they can vote for both options simultaneously.

The charming ambience around the lake provides the perfect spot for a picnic or a day out with the family. Moreover, the picturesque settings on a moonlit night set the right mood for each and everyone.

Pakhal Lake Warangal
Pakhal Lake Warangal – Image Courtesy: www.indiantravels.com

The Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary covering an area of 860 square kilometers is home to a varied range of wildlife. It is often common to spot a herd of deer, jackals, langurs, porcupine or even a nilgai. If lucky tourists can also spot the more elusive panther, tiger, wolf, leopard or a bear. The sanctuary is also home to reptiles like monitor lizard, crocodiles, Common Krait or even the more deadly python and cobra. Members of the avian fraternity are also frequent visitors to this place. Tourists therefore are attracted to the spot by the prospect of getting a glimpse of their favorite feathered friends.

The Sanctuary is situated on a plateau and is surrounded by low lying hills. This presents a pretty picture in itself. The Pakhal Lake forms the core area of this Wild Life Sanctuary of Telangana. Owing to the presence of this huge water body wildlife spotting becomes easier. The best time to visit the sanctuary is from November to June.

The lake also provides boating facilities for tourists. A whole day of lazing around the lake watching birds and drifting around in the slow moving water after a particularly hectic week is surely a promising prospect. Moreover, a turn in the cool lake waters as the gentle breeze blow across one’s face does contribute a lot in relaxing the mind and rejuvenating the stressed nerves.

This Man Made Lake of Kakatiyas is easily accessible by road as well as by train. Several buses ply from Warangal located at 50 km away from the lake. It can also be accessed easily from Narsampet which is just 12 km away. If traveling by train then Warangal is the closest station.

Travel is not just an activity of the body. It involves the mind as well. The Pakhal Lake with its serene, calm and congenial environment provides the perfect excuse for a well deserved break both for the mind as well as the body.

Pakhal Lake Warangal
Pakhal Lake Warangal – Image Courtesy: www.holidayiq.com

Special Attractions:
– Boating Facility
– Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary

Nearby Attractions:
– Sri Gunjedu Musalamma Temple
– Shivalayam, Kothaguda, Gundam Gudi Thandam

Distance to Pakhal Lake:
– Distance from Hyderabad is 200 Kms
– Distance from Warangal is 53 Kms
– Distance from karimnagar is 118 Kms

How to Reach:
– There are many buses which run from Warangal/Hanamkonda bus stand to Pakhal Lake.
– Warangal City is connect with good Train facility and bus facilities. One can easily reach Warangal and travel to Pakhal by bus.
– Kazipet Railway Station is one of the major junctions which is very well connected with Hyderabad. One can get down at Kazipet, take an auto to Hanamkonda bus stand. From Hanamkonda bus stand, there are plenty of buses to Pakhal.
– Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport

Where to Stay: Once can stay in Warangal city. There are plenty of good hotels in Warangal:
– Ashoka Hotel – Ph: 0870-2577955, 2578491
– City Grand – Ph: 0870-2454587
– Landmark HOtel – 0870-254633
– Suprabha Hotel – Ph: 0870-2573888, 2574888
– Ratna Hotel – Ph:0870-2500645

Contact Numbers:
– Warangal Tourism Office Contact NUmber: 0870-2459201
– State Tourism Department: 040-23450444

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