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Peddamma Gudi Temple | Hyderabad Temples | Tourist Places In Hyderabad

Peddamma Gudi Temple Hyderabad
Peddamma Gudi Temple – Image Source: www.travel.ithappensinindia.com

Peddamma Gudi Temple – 150 year old Temple

Among all the important religious sites in Hyderabad, there’s one with an intriguing history- Peddamma Gudi. The unusual bit of the story is that it’s believed to be in existence since 150 years. In the year 1993, the temple was actually noticed in a big way and the construction of Rajagopuram was completed and then became one of the tourist spots of Hyderabad. Peddamma Temple is developed by our beloved Telangana leader P.Janardhan Reddy (known as PJR and the ex-MLA of Khairatabad) with special personal care.

Situated in the heart of Hyderabad, Jubilee hills, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga who is the epitome of strength and valour. Peddamma literally means mother of mother or mother of the Universe. In the Telangana, Peddamma Talli is also known as Gauramma and Ammavaru. Peddamma Talli is also one of 11 forms of Godess Mahankali.

Devotees pray to her with a lot of devotion and she is believed to be the savior of the universe.

Goddess Durga has an interesting story of origin. It is said that when Lord Shiva opened his third eye, which is capable of destroying the three worlds, he could not destroy the demon Mahishasura. At this moment, shaktis from all over the world started emerging. Brahmi emerged Brahma, Kaumari from Kumar, Vaishnavi from Lord Vishu, Varahi from Varaha and Shaivani from Shiva. All these female shaktis merged together into a sharp blinding light. This light took form of the beautiful Durga, literally meaning – the inaccessible one. She was endowed with weapons from all the gods; Brahma gave her his bow, Shiva blessed her with his trident, Vishnu; his revered discus and mace and Kumara gave her his lance. The Shakti then mounted a lion, to prepare to fight. A legendary battle followed. Maheshasura, the buffalo demon, took various forms to attack Durga. Durga realized that none of her weapons were working on Maheshasura, so the brave goddess rushed upon Maheshasura with her bare hands and the buffalo demon, fell at her feet.And thus, the Maheshasura who’d been declared unconquerable was destroyed by the Shakti, by Devi Durga.

At Peddamma Gudi, Bonalu festival is celebrated in Ashadam month of Telangana Hindu Calender in which women across the city carry an earthen pot with rice, jaggery, milk and curd, covered with neem leaves and decorated with haldi, kumkum and a diya on the top and make its offering to the Goddess.

Another major festival celebrated in Peddamma Gudi temple is Rathotsavam on the auspicious occasion of Ratha Sapthami. Rath literally means chariot and thus in this 3 day annual festival, the deity is decorated with beautiful flowers and ornaments and the well-lit, beautiful chariot is taken around the temple complex, for the devotees to see. It is said that the wishes of the devotees who worship Goddess Peddamma come true, and thus devotees come in flocks, every year from all over the world.

There are special prayers on every Thursday which begin with “Abhishekam” at 3:00 am and are followed by a series of other prayers viz. Navagraha Homam,’ `Rudra,’ `Chandi Homam,’ `Dikpala Bhairava Baliharanam,’ `Purnahuti’ and `Annadanam’.

Rathotsvam is part of the four-day celebration – Peddamma Brahmotsavam the annual festival of the temple. During these 4 days in particular, the temple is thronged with devotees and decorated grandly with much enthusiasm. There are floral decorations, numerous lamps lighting every part of the temple and the Peddamma Gudi becomes a beautiful sight to behold.

Since 5 years the temple has become even more famous as one of the Temples of Hyderabad and Telangana. Every day it’s like a festival in Peddamma Gudi because of the number of devotees who visit this famous temple of Hyderabad.

Peddamma Talli Hyderabad
Peddamma Talli Ammavaru

– 12.5 Kms from Secunderabad Railway Station (30-35 min drive)
– 14 Kms from MGBS Bus Stop, Hyderabad ( 50-60 min drive)

Public Transport:
– Buses from Secunderabad – 10H (direct bus), 5K-127P, 5T-127K
– Buses from MGBS Bus Stop, Hyderabad – 127K (direct bus)

Location of Peddamma Gudi: Located in Road No. 55, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Food Facilities: There are many hotels and restuarants in Hyderabad with various cuisines.

Peddamma Gudi Temple Timings:
– Weekdays – 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 3:00 PM to 8:00PM
– Sundays – 6:00AM to 8:30PM

Neary by Tourist Attractions:
– Shilparamam (Handicrafts village)
– Hi-Tech City
– KBR Park

Peddamma Gudi, Road No. 55, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500033

Contact Numbers: 040-23544592, 040-23607284

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