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Pembarti Brassware – Unique Telangana art

Pembarti Brassware – A Treasure Trove of Brass Artifacts of Telangana which is globally known

Telangana State and Telangana Talli on Brass Plat - Pembarti Brassware
Telangana State and Telangana Talli on Brass Plat – Pembarti Brassware

In the history of Indian civilization, dynastic rules have always had wide scale impacts in every facet of the society. Art and culture is probably one of the most deeply impacted areas. The patronage received from the ruling dynasties have largely contributed to the evolution and growth in popularity of several art forms. The Pembarti Brassware is one such example.

The intricate sheet metal brass engravings and artifacts originated in the Pembarti village in the Warangal District of Telangana state. The advent of the Kakatiya Dynasty which made Warangal or Orugallu (as it was then known), its capital city, witnessed the nurturing of this beautiful art form. Over the 500 years that the Kakatiyas ruled over Telangana, they ensured that Pembarti Brassware reached its pinnacle in beauty, style and form.

Pembarti Brassware Design
Pembarti Brassware Design – Image Source:

Even today Pembarti Brassware forms an essential artifact in every handiwork exhibition. In 2011, the 25th Surajkund Mela, a huge handicrafts fair showcasing handicrafts from all over the country selected our state as the theme state. As an obvious display the Pembarti metal crafts shone brilliantly in the midst of other state handicrafts including Pochampally handlooms, Kondapalli toys, Mangalagiri Saris and Kalamkari fabrics. In fact today, the Pembarti Brassware has become synonymous with Telangana and its artistic heritage.

Under the aegis of the Kakatiyan kings, the Pembarti artisans honed their skills in adorning chariots and idols with their intricate designs. Most of the ancient temples in Telangana are built under the patronage of the Kakatiyan kings bear the signature style of the Pembarti craftsmen. Later on with the fall of the Kakatiyan rule and the rise of the Muslim supremacy, Pembarti craftsmen evolved their art style and decorated individual items like betel nut cases or paandaans, perfume containers or Ittar’ pots, vases, hanging metal Chandeliers or Jhummars, plaques and mementos. Over the years, the Pembarti Brassware has captured the essential nuances of Hindu and Muslim influences in its structure and has seamlessly blended into both cultures. This seamless blending has helped to don this art form with a unique secular appearance.

Pembarti Brassware Design
Pembarti Brassware Design- Image Source:

At present, the Vishwakarma Society for Brass, Copper and Silver Industrial Cooperative Society has been set up to provide for the growth and promotion of this unique art form. Under the aegis of this society display centers have also been set up to promote the products of the society among tourists as well as locals. The exclusive exhibits that are on display at these centers are indeed worth a perusal. These include hanging lamp shades or chandeliers, panels depicting the Dashavatara of Vishnu, decorative flower pots, oblong and round panels depicting the Navagraha and Ashtalakshmi, a brass peacock paper weight, elaborate depiction of Gitopadesha on panels displaying exemplary attention to detail, beautifully embossed nakashi work depicting the scenes from the Mahabharatha and Ramayana. In addition to these also on display are Icons, Utsav Vigrahas, Vahanas or chariots and temple decorative ornamental articles. These are found crafted on solid brass molds bearing intricate designs.

Making of Pembarti Brassware
Making of Pembarti Brassware – Image Source:

The society also organizes seminars and workshops for school and college students as well as Tourists on prior notice. The intent behind this is to spread awareness among students and tourists about Indian art and culture.

A stop over at this unique hall of art is a must. Tourists will be left mesmerized by the rich creations and wonder at the creative geniuses of their creators.

Pembarti brassware is world famous. The brass art work at Manhattan Hotel or Tokyo corporate offices comes from Pembarti.

Panchamukha Hanuman - Pembarti
Panchamukha Hanuman – Pembarti Image Source:

Nearby Attractions:
– Kolanupaka Jain Temple
Ghanpur Group of Temples
Thousand Pillar Temple, Hanamkonda
Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal
100 years old Kazipet Railway Station
Warangal Fort

Useful Contact Numbers:
– Village Tourism Development Corporation
Mrs. Vijaya Siddulu (President): +91 9848594391
Mr. Kaloori Veeranna (Artisan): +91 9948398340
– Vishwakarma Society – 08716-288222 (Office)

Where to Shop Pembarti Brassware:
– Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium, Hyderabad, Gun foundary, Secunderabad
– Lepakshi Emporium, Hanumakonda, Warangal
– Crafts Museum Calcutta Emporium, Behind Lepakshi, Gunfoundry, Hyderabad
– Kalanjali Arts and Crafts, Hyderabad, Nampally
– Central Cottage Industries Emporium, S.D. Road Secunderabad

Hyderabad Address for Pembarti Vishwakarma Brass,Copper And Silver Handicrafts:
#1-3-183/33/B Kavadiguda, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad – 500080
Contact Person: Venkateshwarllu

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