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Ramappa Lake Warangal – The Man Made Lake by Kakatiyas

Ramappa Lake Warangal Images - Lake View
Ramappa Lake View at Sunset – Image Courtesy: www.backpakker.blogspot.in

Picturesque Ramappa Lake, Warangal is one such specimen that speaks volumes of the irrigation genius of the Kakatiyan rulers

The Kakatiya dynasty has left an indelible mark of their existence in Warangal in the form of temples, palaces and lakes. During the tenure of their reign they have devoted, time, money and effort in building or patronizing a whole host of these architectural and engineering marvels. The picturesque Ramappa Lake in Warangal is one such specimen that speaks volumes of the irrigation genius of the Great Kakatiya rulers.

Set in scenic surroundings, the Ramappa Lake borders the Warangal city. It was built in the 13th century under the supervision of Recherla Rudra ( or Rudra Samani as he is also known), Army General of the great Kakatiyan king Ganapati Deva. The irrigation sense of the Kakatiyan kings made them realize innovative ways of distributing waters to the surrounding areas to be used for cultivation. As a result they created a massive pit by joining mountain ranges that were in close proximity. This pit was later filled with water to form the lake. The Ramappa Lake therefore is a man made lake and not a natural one which was used to store water for irrigation. The efficient planning involved in building this lake has resulted in enabling it to provide waters for irrigation to fields even today.

In addition to its agricultural utility, the lake is also a great favorite with leisure and entertainment seekers. The beautiful surroundings provide the most perfect location for organizing picnics with family and friends. As it is located between mountains, the lake provides a beautiful view during sunset. As the sun spreads its last glow over the lake, its calm waters take on a reddish-orange hue and afford one of the most stunning vistas. The mellowed horizon, the pleasant breeze from the lake waters and the captivating view of the setting sun provides visitors with one of the most charming memories of the place. It is this which makes them coming back for more. Thus Ramappa Lake has become of the best tourist destinations of Warangal and Telangana.

Ramappa Lake Warangal  Photos
Ramappa Lake Warangal – Image Courtesy: www.missiontelangana.com

Though the lake does providing entertainment options like boating, visitors, however, prefer the gift of serenity it offers above anything else. This also acts as a temptation visitors need to take a break from their hectic life and rushing over to soak up this absolute bliss making it one of the best places to visit in Warangal and Telangana.

The tourism department team at Ramappa Lake manages the daily operations of running the boating facilities in the Ramappa Lake. The team also rents out Motorboats which can be used for joy rides.

The Ramappa Lake however, is not absolutely barren of tourist attractions principal among them being the dilapidated Ramappa temple built by Kakatiya dynasty rulers. Also known as the Ramalingeshwara temple, the Ramappa temple is a Shiva temple located at a distance of 1 km from the lake. The temple still has a Shiva Linga present in its garba griha or inner chambers and is an excellent specimen of Kakatiyan style of architecture. The fascinating history that this temple encloses within its ravaged chambers makes it an interesting site to look up on a visit to the Ramappa lake.

Ramappa Lake Warangal Images
Ramappa Lake Warangal – Image Courtesy: www.tgstate.com

The other tourist attraction at Ramappa Lake of Warangal is probably the pump house or rather the way which leads visitors to it. The pump house is located at a distance of 5 minutes from the main lake. The road which leads up to the lake is partially submerged in water and visitors simply love splashing their way through it to reach the Pump House.

There are some restaurants and cafeterias scattered around the Ramappa Lake area which cater to the gastronomic needs of visitors. Though basic they do provide tasty and good quality refreshments.

Located at a convenient distance of 70 km from the Warangal city of Telangana, the Ramappa lake is easily accessible by tourists. Moreover there are special buses that ply from Warangal on weekends that enable tourists to reach the spot easily and bask in the tranquil surroundings. Alo there are many tourist packages offering trip to visit Warangal tourism places.

One has to walk along the way near Ramappa lake to enjoy the scenic beauty. Ramappa Lake along with Ramappa Temples are one of favourite tourist destinations of Warangal.

Special Attractions:
– Ramappa Temple
– Pump House
– Idyllic Surroundings

Scenic Beauty at Ramappa Lake Warangal Images
Scenic Beauty at Ramappa Lake Warangal – Image courtesy: www.worldisround.com

Distance to Ramappa Lake Warangal:
– 70 Kms from Warangal (via Mulugu road). 100-120 minutes drive by car
– 100 Kms from Karimnagar – 3 hours drive by car
– 205 Kms from Hyderabad – 4-4.5 hours drive by car

Public Transport:
– State Road Transport buses are available from Hanamkonda Bus Stand, Warangal

Nearby Attractions:
– Ramappa Temple
– Laknavaram Lake
– Samakka Sarakka Temple, Medaram

Food Facilities at Ramappa Lake Warangal:
– There are vendors at Ramappa Lake who sells snack items, tea and water bottles. Its better to pack your food from nearest town like Warangal, Mulugu, etc so that one can enjoy the trip without any hassles about food.

Other Facilities at Ramappa Lake Warangal:
– Motoboating facility is now improved for the tourist to enjoy the boat rides.
– Guest House is now renovated and improved Lake bund to give a wonderful view of Ramappa Lake
– Special Buses are now available from Warangal city on Saturdays and Sundays

Ramappa Lake Entry Timings:
– Open on all days -5 AM – 6PM

Ramappa Lake Warangal Contact Number:
State Tourism Department – +91 (040) 23450444, 1800-42-545454
Warangal Tourism Officer: 0870 – 2459201

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