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Siddipet Town – Rich Repository of Historical Monuments and Shrines

Venkateshwara Temple-Siddipet Town
Venkateshwara Temple-Siddipet Town- Image Source: manasiddipet.info

Located between Hyderabad and Karimnagar, Siddipet is a major town in the district of Medak. Surrounded  by three idyllic lakes namely, Komati Cheruvu, Narsapur Cheruvu and the Yerra Cheruvu, Siddipet Town is known to have made a major contribution in the formation of Telangana and therefore bears a significant status among Telangana’s cities and towns.

The seeds of a separate statehood have been sufficiently nurtured and carefully allowed to fructify into a well-conceived vision in Siddipet. The population of over 1,00, 000 which inhabits Siddipet have been steadfast in their demand for a separate statehood  and have diligently voted for the TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao and his nephew T Harish Rao. Their efforts in helping them the TRS leaders secure their positions have sufficiently augmented the separate statehood demand . In 2004 the dream became a reality when Harish Rao won from the Siddipet Assembly and assumed post as its MLA.

Siddipet Town MLA Harish Rao
Siddipet MLA Harish Rao

Other than its political significance, Siddipet Town is also known for its rich repository of historical monuments and shrines. There are about 50 shrines all throughout the area. Some of the most popular ones include the Sri Sarabheshwara Swamy temple, Sri Bhogeshwara Swamy temple, Kotilingala Gudi and Sri Seetha Ramaswamy temple. Temples are dedicated to deities like Kotilingala Swamy, Borra Hanuman, Gadi Maisamma, Sri Sharabeshwaralayam, Lord Hanuman and Nag Devta. It is said that an underground tunnel connects the Bhogeshwara Swamy Temple with the Sarabheshwara Swamy temple.

Siddipet also displays a strong influence of Islam and Christianity in the form of dargahs and churches scattered throughout its landscape. Some of the most notable among these being the Jama Masjid, Masjid-e- Naseeria, Sufia Masjid and Masjid-e-Noor. The Church of South India, the 130 year old emblem of the spread of Christianity in the area is an integral part of its culture and heritage.

Lal Kaman-Siddipet
Lal Kaman Siddipet – Image Source: manasiddipet.info

The Jama Masjid, is housed within the Lal Kaman, a famous historical monument of the area. Built of red stone, the Lal Kaman was recently renovated and is regarded as a popular tourist destination. Siddipet Town was known to house around 72 bags. However, owing to poor maintenance and negligence, all have degenerated leaving behind one as a relic of its glorious history.

Siddipet houses reputed educational institutions like the Government Degree College, the Government high school as well as several Engineering and Technology institutions. The Indur Institute of Engineering And Technology follows the curriculum based on the IIT model is one of the leading institutions of the region. The Government Degree College, one of the oldest in the area, is also known to be the second largest college in the whole of Telangana.  

Amaraveerula Stupam Siddipet Town
Amaraveerula Stupam Siddipet – Image Source: manasiddipet.info

How to Reach:
– Siddipet Town is located within motorable distances from Hyderabad (, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, and Warangal.

Nearest Railway Station:
– The nearest railway stations are at Jangaon (55 km), Warangal (80 km) and Secunderabad (85 km) away.

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