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Sri Kurumurthy Swamy Temple at Kurupathi – Also called as Second Tirupathi

Lord Vishnu or Venkateshwara has many devotees in the world and in India, we have many historical temples of Lord Vishnu which were built before many decades and centuries. Ancient temples in the country are believed to the house of God which have numerous spiritual history and has cultural traditions followed.

One of the oldest temples in Telangana is Sri Kurumurthy Srinivasa Swamy Temple . It is one of the major tourist attractions of Telangana especially for Lord Venkateshwara devotees.

Kurumurthy Temple-Venkateswara Swamy Temple-Mahabubnagar Tourist Places
Kurumurthy Swamy Temple, Mahabubnagar – Image Source:

Location of the Temple:
Sri Kurumurthy Swamy temple is located 32 Kms from Gadwal Town. This temple is located on Kurupathi hill in Ammapur Village. Its is believed that this ancient temple was built 630 years ago (1350 AD).

History of the Temple:
Every ancient temple in the world has a unique story behind it. It creates many vibes of existence of the almighty. This temple has a good history which tells that once Goddess Sri Lakshmidevi had a wish to send Lord Srinivasa to make his presence on hills to enable devotees make prayers. Hence it is believed that Lord Srinivasa self manifested himself on the hills of Kurupathi.

Naming of the Place:
Name of the place is Kurupathi and it has an interesting story behind it. In the Telugu local dialect of the place, “kuru” means “to do“, “Matim” means “mind” and “pati“ means “husband”. Hence this hill where the Lord resides is called as Kurupathi. It is said that the image of lord Srinivasa was in the cave for about 630 years ago.

Later in the year 1350 A.D Sri Mukkara Chandra Reddy constructed and it was altered and renovated by Sri Ramabhupal and KothaKapulu.

Story behind the Place:
Similar to Tirumala Tirupathi, Lord Srinivasa made his presence on the seven hills on Kurupathi. Which are,Swethadri, Ekadri, Durgadri, Ghanadri, Ballukadri, Patagadri and at the last Daivatadri. The temple of Lord Sri kurumurthy srinivasa is exactly on the hills of Daivatadri.

Architecture of the Temple:
Entrance of the temple has a huge Gopuram which is on the entrance of the hill. Once after entering pilgrims can take steps or by road vehicles can also pass. There is around 200 steps to reach the temple. Some of the Interesting facts are:
– Till few years back the temple was like a cave. One has to crawl to the almighty. But now it is been reconstructed for the welfare of pilgrims.
– Kurumurthy is also known as second Tirupati.
– Before seeing the presiding deity , Pilgrims can see Lord Anjaneya and Lord Chennakesava on the way.
– Uddala Mandapa is the place where chappals were made by people of Vaddeman village are kept. It is said that every year, after Diwali, a festival takes place where new pair of chappals are presented to the Lord. The shoemaker in the village would prepare it with great devotion. Without having food and surviving only on milk for three days he makes it for Lord Srinivasa. A festival is held while presenting it to the Lord . A happy procession takes place while presenting it to the lord. Pilgrims can visit this place to witness the joy and celebration of people.

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple – Self Manifested Temple known as Second Tirupathi

Every year there is an annual congregation at this place (called as Kurumurthy Jathara or Kurumurthy Swamy Brahmostavam) which is one of the biggest Jathara’s of Mahabubnagar district. Special buses are arranged to Kurumurthy Swamy Temple by Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) during Jathara time. Thousands of devotees all over the district and nearby districts visit this temple during Kurumurthy Jathara.

Overall, this place is a treat to Lord Venkateshwara devotees and to enjoy the blessing of almighty.

Kurumurthy Temple-Venkateswara Swamy Temple-Mahabubnagar Tourist Places
Steps to Kurumurthy Swamy Temple, Mahabubnagar – Image Source:

– Distance from Hyderabad to Kurumurthy Swamy Temple is 153 Kms ( takes approx. 4 hours to reach)
– Distance from Gadwal tow is 32 Kms
– Distance from Mahabubnagar town is 50 Kms
– Distance from Wanaparthy is 34 Kms

How to reach place:

By Road :
– Kurumurthy Temple is 32 Kms from Gadwal Town. Everyday there are many public and private transport services run from Gadwal to Kurupathi hills where Kurumurthy Temple is located. It takes around 1 hour 20 min to reach Kurumurthy Temple from Gadwal Town.
– Wanaparthy and Mahabubnagar towns are nearby to Kurumurthy Temple. Daily state transport buses are avaiable to Kurupathi from these towns.

By Train:
– Gadwal Railway Station is located on the Mahabubnagar-Kurnool railway line.One can get down at Gadwal Railway Station and catch a bus to Kurumurthy Temple.

By Air :
– Nearest Airport is Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad which is 141 Kms far.

Where to Stay:
– There are no stay options are Kurumurthy Swamy Temple. One can stay at Mahabubnagar town or Gadwal Town and visit this temple.
– One good hotel to stay in Gadwal town is Hotel International, Telangana 509125. Contact: 09849304950

Best Time to Visit:
– Annual Brahmostavam (Kurumurthy Jathara) is conducted during Diwali every year. So best time to visit is during Diwali festival so that one can participate in the biggest Jathara of Mahabubnagar Dt.

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