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Teen Maar dance in Telangana

You walking on the road side and saw a group of people dancing?

You participated in your friend’s Baraat and you all danced?
On the day of Ganesh Nimarjanam (Ganesh Visarjan), you have seen the youth dancing with high spirit?
You see people dancing for all majority Telangana songs?

Other than the above, if any occasion in Telangana is ending with a dance, thats the ‘Teen Maar’ Dance.

‘Teen Maar’ dance is in the blood of Telangana. Many can do Moon Walk, Disco Dance, Break Dance and could dance for anything. But we are sure we Telangana people will definitely perform Teen Maar dance for every occasion.

Rhythm, vigour and exhuberance symbolises Telangana’s popular Teen Maar Dance. Based largely on folk dance forms and improvised largely by the dancing masses, it usually accompanies feet-tapping drum beats.Now a days even DJs performance have Teen Maar dance music in their list of songs

Teen Maar Dance has become part of every occasion/event in Telangana

The music accompanying this popular dance form can make anyone wish to join in with the ones performing. Now the dance is often a part of every celebration and festivity held in Telangana State.

DJs are become very popular during Baraats but still many people opt for Dappu (group of people playing drums on the road) which gives great spirit to dance.

Telangana Teen Maar dance during Ganesh Nimarjanam
Telangana Teen Maar dance during Ganesh Nimarjanam

Other two famous dances of Telanagana apart from Teen Maar dance are Do-Maar and Chaar-Maar dances.

Teen Maar dance is known in Telangana since more than 100 years. The origin of this dance is not sure but its a kind of music specially during drums (dappu) which is known since many years in India but eventually became famous in Telangana.

I specially spoke to many people (non-Telangana people) on Teen-Maar dance but many said they are not aware of it. But in Telangana, its known and performed for each and every occasion.

Popular occasions for Teen Maar dance are Bonalu Jathara Festival, Bathukamma Festival, Ganesh Nimarjanam, Baraats, Dhoom Dhaams, etc

Once has to visit Ujjaini Mahankali Bonala Jathara, Akkanna Maddanna Bonalu Jathara and Ganesh Nimarjanam to enjoy and participate in Teen Maar Dance.

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