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Travel Tips for Hyderabad | Hyderabad Tourism

Hyderabad History, History of Hyderabad
Charminar – Icon of Hyderabad

Hyderabad the capital of Telangana state and known tourist destination of India, with its motley concoction of heady Nizami culture, the bizarre local dialect, its rich history, fashionable pearls, delicious food and its emerging IT attraction, is sure to become an addiction to all. There are many tourist places to Hyderabad worth visiting during your life time. It is these various attributes which has helped the city earn several epithets like the city of pearls, the city of Nizams and Hyberabad all of which have become an integral part of its identity. Every year the city witnesses huge footfall of tourists who cross its portals for both business as well as for leisure. Irrespective of the reason for travelling, Hyderabad always manages to intrigue and interest travelers time and again. Also Hyderabad is world’s second safest place for investment.However, there are certain things which need to be kept in mind while planning a trip to Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana and a Tourist Destination of Telangana State.

Best Time for Travelling to Hyderabad:

Hyderabad experiences very hot summers with temperatures often crossing the 40 degree Centigrade mark. Winters, though never cool, are however mild and pleasant and starts from the month of November and extends till February. It is always better to plan all your visits during this time so that you are able to tread out without being concerned about scorching your skin in the blazing sun.

Traffic and Transport:

Hyderabad traffic is one of the worst in the country. Build in sufficient time in your plans as you are bound to get held up in traffic no matter which route you follow. The city however, has a very efficient public transport system which you can avail to travel around the city. Auto Rickshaws are the most commonly available modes of transport that will take you to almost any where you wish to travel. However, be prepared to pay more than the regular bus fares for every trip as none of the auto rickshaws plying on the streets uses a fare meter and therefore charges arbitrarily.

Be Money wise

The INR is the accepted local currency all across the state. Most shops and establishments also accept credit and debit cards. Be sure to carry around change as small shops and road side stores would prefer it. There are a large number of ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) scattered all across the city which ensures you can access quick cash withdrawal if required.

Travel Safe

The recent spurt of terrorist attacks has made it necessary to tighten up security measures in the city. Therefore it is always advisable to carry your voter’s ID or any other form of citizenship proof wherever you go. If you are an international tourist, it is always better to carry your passport for identification purposes. Also be careful of valuables, if you are carrying any, particularly in crowded places of tourist interest like the Charminar. It is also a good practice to carry a first aid kit along with you in case of sudden emergencies.

Be Culture Conscious

Hyderabad is steeped in Nizami culture and etiquette. Though much of it is dying today, the remnants of its glorious past still retains a muted glow in the hearts of the city dwellers. As a tourist it is always better if you adhere to the practiced norms of the place. It is better to be dressed conservatively and remember to open your shoes before stepping into a religious place or while visiting someone’s home.

Hotels in Hyderabad

Hyderabad offers an array of accommodation options that suits every pocket. Depending upon your requirements you can fix and arrange for the best accommodation that suits your need and fits your budget. The Taj Falaknama Palace offers the best experience of opulent luxury. It provides a beautiful glimpse into the glorious days of the Nizam and should be visited atleast for the experience of a lifetime if not for anything else. However, you could also opt for the less expensive but equally comfortable guesthouse and Bed and Breakfast options that the city provides. However, no matter where you stay it is always best to do some background research on the place in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Pick up the local dialect

While in Hyderabad it is always an intelligent move to pick up the local dialect. It will not only help you to get your way through more easily but would also be an interesting way to explore the city all on your own. The Hyderabadi dialect is a peculiar variant of Hindi which makes you twist and turn your tongue in odd ways to pronounce words in the way a Hyderabadi would. Some of the more commonly heard words and phrases include:
– Nakko – No
– Hau – Yes
– Kidar Ja Re – Where are you going?
– Abhich Atu –Though it means ‘will come just now’ hyderabadis use it loosely to mean any length of time.
– Potti – Girl
– Potta – Boy
– Hallu Hallu – Slowly
– Haula – Stupid

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