20 lesser Known Wonders of Telangana | Tourist Places in Telangana

Telangana is lavishly endowed with some of the most scenic vistas and picturesque locales that nature has created and man has nurtured. This article covers 20 unknown and unexplored Tourist places in Telangana that creates an aura of enchantment around the state and makes the occasional traveler yearn to go back for more.

1. Farahabad View Point in Nallamala Forest – A must visit Tourist Places in Telangana


The 7-km drive through the Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is the best way to travel to Srisailam. It passes through the verdant Srisailam tiger reserve providing a fantastic view of the meandering River Krishna. However, the highlight of the drive is the visit to the Farahabad Tiger View point perched on the edge of the Nallamala hill. The view from the top which reveals a sheer 100 metres drop into dense forests is simply divine. The thick foliage below uses every possible shade of green that can color the imagination.

As the friendly chirping of the birds overpowers the droning of the car engine, the mind finally seems to rest in the haven of serenity that one beholds. You can view the placid Mallucheruvu lake nestled serenely in the midst of the surrounding greenery. Sambar, spotted dear, Neelghai, Chousinga, Chinkara, antelopes, monkeys, Langurs, porcupines, rattles and water dogs, as well as reptiles and bears are some of the fauna that can be sighted occasionally. Though known as the Tiger view point, there are limited sightings of the beast.

2. Pandavula Gutta Waterfalls in Khammam

Located amidst the verdant foliage of the Bayyaram forests, the Pandavula Gutta in Telangana is where the Pandava brothers, according to legend, spent their period of anonymity during their exile. The 7 gushing streams that cascades down from 7 wells dug deep into the ground is also associated with that legend. Pandavula Gutta also offers some fantastic trekking routes through the wilderness which is an ideal way to unravel the hidden mysteries of the place. This waterfalls of Telangana is located in Khammam District.

3. Ramagiri Khilla of Peddapalli


The Telangana tourism is replete with remnants of its glorious historical past. The Ramagiri fort is another interesting destination among the Tourist places in Telangana. Perched on a hillock in the Karimnagar district the place provides a breathtaking view of the confluence of the Rivers Maner and Godavari. The place is also a favorite haunt of Ayurvedic doctors and students of Botany owing to it being a rich resource of Ayurvedic herbs and a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. Moreover, the presence of several relics of Lord Rama and Sita has attracted devotees from all over the state

4. Umamaheshwaram Temple in Mahabubnagar District


Among the many tourist places in Mahbubnagar the revered Umamaheshwaram Temple is an important stopover on the NH 7 enroute to Srisailam from Hyderabad. Known to be one of the Shiva Jyotirlingas it is visited by thousands of devotees all the year round. Perched atop a hill at the entrance of the Nallamala Forest range it provides a wonderful view of the Nallamala forests stretched out below.

5. Mallelatheertham Waterfalls in Nallamala Forest of Mahabubnagar District


Travellers are enchanted by the captivating waterfalls of Telangana. Enroute to Srisailam, the milky white sheet of the Mallelatheertham falls that plunges down from a height of 500 mts, set off against the backdrop of the emerald green foliage that surrounds it does create an alluring effect. A direct bus service from Achampet makes sure that visitors can make a day trip to visit the one of the best tourist places of Telangana.

6. Kolanupaka Jain Temple – 2000 year old Jain Temple of Nalgonda District


The beautiful village of Kolanupaka is located in the Nalgonda district. The village is famous for its religious and historical significance. It houses the famous 2000 year old ancient Kolanupaka temple that houses idols of Jain Tirthankaras. The temple is well-endowed with the exquisite architectural styles and an aura of serenity that is representative of the Jain temples. Moreover, the unearthing of Jain inscriptions and several other antiquities indicate the relevance of this place as the Jain seat of culture and religion.

7. Dichpally Ramalayam – 14th Century Temple of Nizamabad


The Dichpally Ramalayam in Nizamabad traces its origins to the 14th century. Built under the patronage of the Kakatiya rulers it is known to be one of the oldest temples of the region dedicated to the worship of Lord Rama.  The temple is beautifully carved out in white and black Basalt stone with its interiors bearing exquisite sculptures of goddesses, animals, devils and Khajuraho style erotic structures.

8. Lakaram Lake and Part – Beautiful Lake in Khammam Town


The Lakaram Lake has in recent years been rehabilitated from a mere waterbody to form a major tourist attraction of Khammam. Located around 4 km from the bus terminus the lake attracts huge crowds owing to its proximity to various other areas of attraction. The Lake also provides boating facilities for the entertainment of tourists.

9. Gayatri Waterfalls near Kuntala Waterfalls in Adilabad District


Located on the River Kudumb at a distance of 5 km from the Tarnam Khurd village in Adilabad district, the Gayatri Waterfalls greets all visitors with a welcome spray from its cascading bounty. Pristine and secluded, it provides a beautiful view of the valley below as it plunges down with grace and rhythm.

10. Dhulikatta Buddhist Centre – Reminder of Glorious Satavahana Era

Located on the banks of Hussainimiya Vagu in Peddapalli Taluk of Karimnagar District, Dhulikatta is an ancient Buddhist site. It is a rich repository of ancient relics and reminiscences and is a strong reminder of the glorious Satavahana era.

11. Raikal Temple – Ancient Temple of Telangana built by Kakatiyas


The ancient temple of Kesavanatha Swamy is located in the Raikal Mandal headquarters in Karimnagar. Built in the 13th century under the Kakatiya dynasty, it houses the Panchamukhalingeswara Swamy (idol of Lord Shiva with five faces) as its presiding deity and is a frequently visited destination amongst the tourist places in Karimnagar.

12. Pakhal Lake – Man Made Lake of Kakatiyas


Located at 50 km east of the city of Warangal, the Pakhal Lake is a scenic and picturesque destination among the places to see in Warangal. It was built by the Kakatiyan king Ganapathidev in 1213 A.D and is bordered by the lush foliage of the Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary.

13. Keslapur Nagoba Temple – Temple of Serpent God


The Nagoba temple in Keslapur, located at the confluence of the Rivers Pranahita and Godavari is dedicated to the worship of the Serpent God Nagoba also known as Shesh Nag. Revered by the Gond Tribes, the temple assumes special significance during the annual celebrations held in the form of the Keslapur Jathara or the Nagoba Jathara.

14. NeelaKanteshwar Temple – Lord Shiva Temple built by Satavahanas


The NeelaKanteshwar temple in Nizamabad is a famous place among devotees of Lord Shiva. Built by the Satavahana king, Satakarni-II, the temple is resplendent in Jain style architecture. The temple premises witness huge footfalls during the festival of Rathasaptami which is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur.

15. Nagunur Fort and Temples – Resembles Ancient Culture of Telangana


A cluster of ruined temples and forts in the historic town of Nagunnur have contributed in naming the place thus. Resplendent in architectural splendour these ancient temples of Telangana have a strong historical significance and are therefore a major tourist attraction of the area.

16. Gottam Gutta – An Adventurous and Picturesque Destination


Located at a distance of 25 km from Zaheerabad, in Medak District, Gottam Gutta is dotted with historical temples making it a preferred destination for history lovers. Moreover, its lush green forests and picturesque vistas make it an ideal destination for treks and adventure tourism.

17. Sangameshwara Swamy Temple – Ancient Telangana Temple of Trimurthi


The Kethaki Sangameswara Swamy temple in Jharasangam is dedicated to the worship of of Lord Trimurti a combined form of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. The legends and folk lore associated with the temple leave deep imprints on the hearts of devotees as they come to offer their prayers to their revered deity.

18. Mattapalli Narasimha Swamy Temple – One of the Pancha Narasimha Kshetras


The Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple in Matampalli is a brilliant specimen of ancient Telangana temples. The presiding deity adorned in silver armour is Narasimha, a half man half beast form of Vishnu. Located in the Nalgonda distict, the temple is regarded as one of the Pancha Narasimha Kshetras.

19. Bada Pahad Durga – Oldest Muslim Pilgrim Centre in Telangana


The Bada Pahad Durga located at a distance of 38 km from Nizamabad is one of the earliest Muslim pilgrimage sites in the area. Perched on a hillock near Jakora it is built in the memory of Saint Hazrat Syed Sadullah Hussain. The annual festival of Urs, held in September, witnesses huge crowds in the temple grounds.

20. Pocharam Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary – Trekking Trails of Telangana


The Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is spread out over an area of 130 square Kilometres and is named after the Pocharam Lake that it borders. The forest with its abundance of a wide variety of flora and fauna provides some excellent trekking trails. It is also a popular picnic spot.

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