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What is Gulzar Houz? Here are 6 Interesting Facts of Gulzar Houz

Gulzar Houz Fountain near Charminar
Gulzar Houz Fountain near Charminar

1) Gulzar Houz is an historical fountain in octagonal shape located near Charminar which is more than 400 years old

2) It was constructed by Mir Momin Astarabadi the first Prime Minister during the rule of Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah.

Gulzar Houz Fountain near Charminar in 1890
Gulzar Houz Fountain near Charminar during 1890’s

3) On the four sides of Gulzar House, there are four Kamans called as Charkaman.

4) Previously there were four streams flowing from this fountain, dividing each of the radial roads into two halves.

5) This fountain was previous known as Char-Su-Ka-Hauz” (the fountain of four cardinal points), which later called as ‘Suka-Hauz’ and now Gulzar Hauz.

Gulzar Houz Fountain
Gulzar Houz Fountain

6) It is also believed that this fountain was served to quenched the thirst of army people at that time.

Everyday many of us travel through this route but never had a thought that this has so much of history.

Image sources:
Deen Dayal
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