Elgandal Fort Karimnagar – Stands Proudly narrating the glories of Telangana

The tall spires of the Elgandal Fort (or Elagandula Khilla), piercing the skyline of Karimnagar, stands proudly narrating the glories of its past to posterity. Having withstood ravages of man and nature, the fort is a testimony of the lust for power that has grazed and raised dynasties. Its crumbling walls still bear the stamp of every ruling power that has graced its illustrious portals. Despite its decadent state, the Elgandal Fort still remains one of the most glorious relics of Telangana history and a frequently visited spot in Karimnagar tourism.

In 1754, Zafar-ud-Daulah the ruling administrator of the Elgandal town built the Elgandal Fort, Karimnagar. It gradually became the most prominent seat of power and today is an important landmark on the Karimnagar map. The portals of the fort have witnessed several dynasties wage war against each other to claim its occupancy. It has welcomed the Kakatiyas, the Bahmanis, the Yadavas, Qutub Shahis, Asaf Jahis as well as the Mughals to taste power within its exalted ramparts.


Located on a hillock, the fort overlooks the Elgandal town. There is only one entrance gateway through which the fort can be accessed. The grandeur of the entrance gate continues to charm tourists even today as they throng to Elgandal to view the fort. Elgandal is situated on the banks of the river Manair. In earlier times, Elgandal is also called as Bahudhanyapuram, Tellakandula and Veligandula. And finally in course of time, the name changed to Elgandal. This place has historical importance as its been ruled by five major dynasties – Kakatiyas, Bahmanis, Qutub Shahis, Mughal and Nizams.

Within the premises of the Fort exists various tombs of Muslim saints. These include the dargahs of great saints like Syed Shah Munawar Quadri Saheb, Doola Shah Saheb, Syed Maroof Saheb, Shah Talib Bismilla Saheb, and Vali Hyder Sahib. These attract devotees, not necessarily followers of Islam, in huge numbers.

The Alamgir mosque, built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, is a major attraction primarily owing to two reasons. One being that it is crowned with three minarets unlike the usual four minarets found on every mosque. The other more interesting and unique feature is the fact that these minarets swing backwards and forwards when shaken. Under the patronage of Aurangzeb, the fort’s precincts were further embellished by the Bindrakas pond.

The 39 year old Moghul rule came to an end and was marked by the start of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. The fort continued to play a key role in their administration as well. It was during the Asaf Jahi rule that administrative headquarters were shifted from Elgandal to Karimnagar in the year 1905. However, in commemoration of the importance the fort had played in the administration of their preceding generations Karimuddin Shavali’s (the main architect behind this shift) Dargah was built within the old town.

The Elgandal Fort Karimnagar is one of those relics which are an indelible part of Telangana History. It helps today’s generation to value its past and move forward with pride towards crafting yet another glorious chapter for their children to cherish. Tourism plays an important role in this endeavor by building that crucial bridge between the past and the present which is essential in order to help a generation move forward and achieve their goals.

Special Attractions: 
The East entrance of the fort, the Brundavan pond, the Mosques and graves in the fort are the various points of attraction for tourists visiting the fort.

Nearby by Tourist Attractions:
– NeelaKanteswara Swamy Temple
– Narsimhaswamy Temple
– Silver Filigree, Handicrafts, Karimnagar
– Lower Manair Dam

Specialty of the Elgandal Fort Karimnagar: The oscillating Teen Minar (Three Towers) of the Alamgir Mosque are a unique attraction of the place. Additionally, the aura the place still emanates is worth experiencing.

Elgandal Fort Karimnagar Timings: 9AM to 5PM. Open on all days.

Distance to Elgandal Fort Karimnagar:
– Distance from Hyderabad to Karimnagar is 165 Kms
– Distance from Warangal to Karimnagar is 70 Kms
– Distance from Nizamabad to Karimnagar is 149 Kms

Where to stay: Karimnagar provides a range of hotels, guest houses, lodges and tourist rest houses which provide comfortable accommodations for tourists. The accommodation facilities fit into every budget and are strategically located in order to provide tourists access to their preferred place of visit in Karimnagar.
Some of the Good Hotels in Karimnagar are:
– Swetha Inn – Ph 9676100333
– Hotel Manair – Ph 0878 2245879
– Srinivasa Hotel – Ph: 0878 2243201
– Hotel Kalpana – Ph 0878 650 3985
– Hotel Prathima Residency – Ph 0878 2233666

How to reach:
– Karimnagar can be easily accessed by road. It is well connected to Warangal, Nizamabad, Medak and other parts of the state.
– There are many State Transport buses from Jubilee Bus Stop to Karimnagar
– The nearest international airport is located at Hyderabad which is around 165 km from Karimnagar town.
– Elgandal Fort is located at a distance of 16 km from Karimnagar and can be easily accessed by bus.

Nearest Railway Station: Karimnagar has its own railway station which connects Karimnagar to major cities.

Elgandal Fort Karimnagar Contact Numbers:
– Karimnagar District Tourism Officers – 09440816070
– State Tourism Department: 040-23450444

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